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I started Provenciana out of an intense desire to tap Mother Nature’s gifts in order to heal and nurture the body and soul. Provenciana is rooted in the belief that the life essence of plants, especially those endemic to the Philippines, cultivates us.

-Ces Oreña-Drilon, Founder

"Smudging is one of my favorite ways of clearing my aura and space of any unwanted energies."

-Maxene Magalona

All orders are packed with a fragrant mix of 100% compostable calinaw shreds, herbs, and flowers topped with a bouquet of statice and misty.

We use Peruvian Palo Santo with a heavenly revitalizing scent, California Sage which relieves stress, Philippine elemi traditionally used as frankincense, and other locally harvested ingredients.

Our Story

"Creating the smudge sticks became as much of a healing and rejuvenating process as lighting them. In making and lighting them, I feel I am tapping an energy from the universe because I am not only bringing positivity into my life but am also passing it to the lives of others."

Ces Drilon

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