Fire Safety Guide

Here are some tips to keep in mind during the smudging experience:

  • Be alert and aware, always stay present. When lighting and burning your smudge stick, always keep your fire resistant or flame proof dish within reach.
  • You can put your smudge stick on the flame-proof dish as it emits smoke. This ensures that the flame from your smudge stick is secure and contained. You can also hold the end of your smudge stick with your hand, making sure the flame-proof dish catches the embers and ashes. If embers fall to the ground, tamp them out immediately.
  • Open your window or door. The smoke and all that negativity need a pathway to get out. Make sure that smoke does not build up and you can let stale energies go, either through an open window or door. This is important to remember especially if your home has smoke alarms.
  • Take care not to inhale too much of the smoke.
  • Never leave the burning smudge stick unattended.
  • Once you’re ready to extinguish your smudge stick, just press it firmly into your fireproof dish until the smoke is no longer rising.
  • Keep your smudge stick away from the reach of young children or pets.