Our Smudge Stick Ingredients

Palo Santo

This comes from the sacred Palo Santo tree. Translated from Spanish as “holy wood,” this tree has been used for centuries for what is believed to be its cleansing properties. It’s native to Peru, Ecuador and other South American countries.

In South America’s Shamanic history, like the Incas for instance, palo santo was burned during spiritual ceremonies and believed to be medicinal.

Palo Santo attracts good fortune and eliminate negativity, according to their ancient practices. Its high resin content is believed to release its purifying properties.

The palo santo that holds the Cecilia Smudge Stick together comes from trees that have died and are allowed to dry naturally for many years before being harvested as incense.

Its wood aroma has notes of citrus and mint. It’s also rich in limonene, which is found in peels of citrus fruits.

Organic White Sage

Burning sage is a practice that began centuries ago and originated from the Indigenous Peoples in North America. Shamans burned sage to cleanse people of negativity and to promote healing, wisdom and longevity.

Sage belongs to the Salvia plant family and is from the Latin word salvere, which means “to heal.” Smudging white saga can be used as a form of protection, to cleanse the energy inside you and around you.

Aside from its spiritual uses, studies and research are showing that sage has powerful antimicrobial qualities. It can help improve not just your physical and emotional well-being, but also your mental health by enhancing your cognition. It can also improve your sleep by easing insomnia.

Our sage is grown organically and is sourced ethically. The practice of burning sage is considered sacred by indigenous cultures and should be treated with respect.

  • Wild Lavender Purple Sage

    These are pure dried leaves of the lavender plant. Lavender restores emotional balance. It cleanses and creates a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. It relieves tension and anxiety and attracts loving energy. It opens your heart chakra (energy point) and calms the mind.

  • Blue Sage

    It is a close relative of white sage. It’s named for its abundant blue flowers but its leaves also have a bluish tint. It has a soothing and relaxing smell that can aid your meditation.

Cedar Tree Leaves

It is an ancient tree, one of the earth’s oldest beings. It has a woodsy and fresh scent, evoking ancient forests. It brings with it the wisdom and protection of these forests.

Lavender Flowers

Our high grade lavender from France exude a relaxing and sweet scent. It is both restorative and soothing. Lavender flowers are an excellent natural remedy to treat insomnia and improve your sleep quality. It creates the energy of happiness and healing.


The rose is associated with the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite and the archetype of Venus. In Egyptian tradition, the rose is associated with Isis, the goddess of love and wisdom.

It’s a powerful tonic for your heart chakra, helping you to give and receive unconditional love. It makes your own magic even more powerful.

The combination of sage and rose stimulates love, attraction, romance, passion, peace and harmony.

Rose Hip Petals

A lesser known part of the rose is the round, seed filled bulbs known as rose hips, which are found underneath rose petals.

Also called the fruit of the rose, they are red-orange in color and add a zest to the Cecilia Smudge Stick. Rose hips have been used for centuries in traditional and folk medicine.


Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory antiseptic and disinfectant. The burning of turmeric and inhaling the smoke is a very common practice in India to relieve nose and chest congestions. Scientific research has also validated the antibacterial efficacy of turmeric smudging.

  • Elemi (Canarium Ovatum) Resin

    The fragrant Elemi Resin is endemic to the Philippines. What the Cecilia Smudge Stick uses is locally harvested from Pili Trees grown in the province of Sorsogon.

    The resin is wildcrafted and collected by farmers every week from the tappings of the tree. Elemi resin is used for skin care, respiratory complaints and as a stimulant. The resin is used in our Cecilia Smudge Stick to bind all the elements together because of its adhesive quality.

  • Elemi (Canarium Luzonicum) Resin

    This resin is harvested from the Marinduque, Occidental and Oriental Mindoro, Palawan and Romblon areas. It is also wildcrafted and collected from tappings of trees like the Elemi Ovatum. This is also known as the “Manila Elemi.” the oil of which is used in perfumery. Its cousin, the canarium ovatum has a firmer texture and stronger and sharper notes.

  • Elemi Ovatum Rosin

    These are the crystalline residue after essential oils are extracted from the resin of the Canarium Ovatum. These crystals are used in incense and burn nicely on your smudge stick.

  • Elemi Luzonicum with Almaciga Rosin

    These are a combination of the crystalline residue after essential oils are extracted from the resion of the Canarium Luzonicum and Agathis Philippinensis. Almaciga has been combined with the Luzonicum rosin, because of the soft texture of Luzonicum rosin.

  • Almaciga Resin

    This hard, aromatic crystalline comes from the Almaciga or Agathis Philippinensis which is part of an ancient species of trees that has been in existence for at least 200 million years. It is also known as the Manila Copal and is harvested by hand from trees growing in Palawan. Traditionally it is used as a fire starter, caulking for boats, smudge for mosquitoes and incense for religious purposes.