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Cecilia Smudge Stick
Great and quality product!!! ❤♥️❤

Hi, apologies for the late review but I want you to know that i really love your products ❤♥️❤ will be purchasing again once it will run out. You have quality products and it is amazing!!! :) I purchased cecilia smudge stick and the smudge spray and both are awesome. As you can see in the video, my spray will run out soon. Will definitely get the bigger size next time too. Highly recommend it to people you are looking for quality products 💯👍

Everything is so delicately beautiful 💐

I cleanse myself and my space of all unwanted energies by smudging, meditating and praying. This is how I practice self-love and nourishment 🥰

much need amid the chaos around us!

thanks @provenciana.naturals for the smudge sticks!

smudge sticks with dried flowers & herbs, crystals, palo santo... I can't wait to light these later on with a cup of cacao 🤎

First time sage burning thanks to Provenciana 🍃🌿

The room and linen spray just gives me the right amount and quality of zen before I sleep or powernap in the afternoons!

Insect Repellent Oil
Ea T.

The insect repellent oil is super bango and masarap sa balat!

Haven't made all natural soap in so long, so this is perfect!

If you've been looking for a place to source your sage and palo santo, AND all-natural pet products, check @provenciana.naturals out! 🌱

perfect for meditating & clearing my space of negative energy!

their Smudge Stick in a Bottle is genius!!! It’s perfect for those days when you’re not able to burn any sage/palo santo but still want to have that scent in your space!

Cecilia Smudge Stick
Monchet Olives
Refreshed rituals from Ces.

Refreshed rituals from Ces. I have tried so many, I recommend @cesdrilon bruja mix! YouTube video placeholder
Cecilia Smudge Stick
Korina Sanchez-Roxas

Yipppeee! If you remember the smudge stick that Ces Drilon sent me (and which was so in demand in my family) to cleanse our homes of negative energies, well now it's even more convenient for us all! YouTube video placeholder
Cecilia Smudge Stick
Brother Armin Luistro
It's been quite an experience

It's been quite an experience especially in meditation and prayer. Many thanks for this great product! YouTube video placeholder

Halimuyak Smudge Stick

Just received my smudge sticks and I had to try it right away. I love how the smoke is subtle and contained. The smell is so refreshing and calming. After smudging around my body, my energy is stable and went into a space where I can experience my wholeness. I have tried some smudge sticks from abroad and this is amazing. I'm so grateful that you have inspired to make a beautiful creation of scents for the soul 💕

I am sooo happy that the item arrived was just what I expected. The items are really worth every penny. Packaging is superb. As I opened it... I felt nature's energy 🧚🏼🧚‍♀️💫. Can't wait to use it... 😊😊😊😊😊😊 Thank you 🥰🥰

Packaging is superb!!! If I could only give 10 stars. Highly recommended shop. Hindi ko pa po na o-open yung box nakaka good mood na agad 😅 Napaka-effort ni seller, halatang inayos with love yung item. Thank you so much po!

The packaging is beautiful ♥️ good for gifting!

Super love it!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Especially the packaging, dito na ko bibili 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👌👌👌👌👌👌 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Finally got to buy my own after my cousin gifted me with one! It's true what the others said, there is a light feeling when you first see the box and hold it. The items arrived safely and I cannot wait to use them to cleanse my house and my crystals! 😊

My family and I really love the smell of the Cecilia Smudge Stick. Very relaxing.
I am regularly using this to smudge our soon to be new home, to free the space of negativity and to promote positive/ blessed ambiance.

Thank you so much for your products.
Surely and admittedly - I am one of your avid fan already ❤️

I cleansed during the full moon ♥️ It was great! Thank you! Everything from the packaging to the Smudge Stick is perfect! Thank you for using biodegradable packaging too! I'm using the shreds for my repotting ☺️ Super grateful!

I've used the Cecilia Smudge Stick several times at 6pm. I go around my bedroom and other rooms in the house. The swirl of smoke from the smudge stick going up and then going out of the windows is very relaxing.

Cecilia Smudge Stick
Ozmund Razon

Cecilia Smudge Stick

Great Meditation Support!

Easier to let Qi flow without all the negativities around me!
So loving this, I have even used it on my small store to invite abundance!