Smudge Stick Guide (Brief)


Step 1. Gather your tools. Prepare a flame proof or fire resistant vessel (can be a bowl or saucer) and a lighter or candle to light your smudge stick with.

Step 2. Set your intentions for clearing. You can decide on a mantra ahead of your smudging.

Step 3. Light your smudge stick (you can use a candle or a candle lighter). Hold it at a 45-degree angle and let it burn for 15-30 seconds, keeping your flame-proof vessel within easy reach.

Let the flame extinguish naturally, but if the flame gets big, gently blow it out or tamp lightly on your flame-proof dish. You should be left with a continuous trail of smoke.

Then you can begin smudging. You may reignite it as well if you feel you need more cleansing. You don’t have to burn the entire smudge stick in one go.

Step 4. Smudge your self and your home. Once the flame is gone and the smudge stick emits “sacred smoke”, smudge the areas of your body, your house -- anything you feel needs cleansing or clearing.

Make sure to leave a window open. Also make sure to catch the ashes and embers with your flame resistant container.

Step 5. Close your meditation with a mantra. After smudging you can say:

“I banish all negative influence in my space. I dismiss it all. I am now cleared. Positivity awaits me."

Set aside your smudge stick on your flame-proof dish for your next use.