Smudge Stick How to Use Guide

What is smudging? The first thing to keep in mind about smudging is there are no strict rules about it. 


In this digital age where space travel is becoming a reality for the ordinary man, a return to ancient rituals is becoming more appealing. As we deal with a world that is chaotic, we are spending more and more time in our spaces. We want our spaces to be an oasis of positivity. Smudging is an ancient practice that is thousands of years old. Medicinal smokes such as sage burning and palo santo stick lighting is believed to cleanse our mind, body and spirit. It also  and ushers bring positivity into our homes and personal spaces.

Sage burning has roots in Native American tradition, where the connection of man to nature is was their culture’s foundation. The Provenciana smudge stick combines elements from different ancient cultures to tap their wisdom that we can apply in modern living. There is one thing that binds these cultures - living in harmony with nature and harnessing its healing properties. Simply put, it’s about bringing positive vibes into your life.

Your smudge stick is meant to be lit and burned to release white smoke which is regarded as “sacred smoke.”

To begin, prepare your accompanying flame proof or fire proof dish. Set your intentions for clearing. Be mindful and intentional to purify yourself and your space. You can decide on a mantra ahead of your smudging. It can be anything you can come up with or something like:

“I can let go and release what no longer serves me.”

Light your smudge stick (you can use a candle or a candle lighter). Hold it at a 45-degree angle and let it burn for 15-30 seconds, keeping your flame-proof vessel within easy reach. Let the flame extinguish naturally, but if the flame gets big, gently blow it out or tamp lightly on your flame-proof dish. You should be left with a continuous trail of smoke.

Then you can begin smudging. You may reignite it as well if you feel you need more cleansing. You don’t have to burn the entire smudge stick in one go.

Once the flame is gone and the smudge stick emits “sacred smoke,” smudge the areas of your body. You can begin from your feet upwards. You can lay your smudge stick on your flame-proof dish, using your hands to bring the smoke to parts of your body. Smudge your head for good thoughts, your mouth and heart and the rest of your body. You may also hold the smudge stick carefully and wave it over your body.

To smudge your space, begin at the farthest from the exit. You can smudge from left to right or use a clockwise direction. Allow the smoke to go around the room. You can carry the stick on the flame-proof dish or hold the smudge stick, fanning it gently, careful to catch the embers with your flame-proof dish.

You can compose your own smudge prayer about giving thanks, bringing in positivity and wishing for healing and protection for a good life. Your affirmation prayer as you smudge can be:

“I banish all negative influence in my space. I dismiss it all. I am now cleared. Positivity awaits me.”

Set aside your smudge stick on your flame-proof dish for your next use.