What's in the Box?

Each bundle ordered contains:
  • Cecilia Smudge Stick — 1 stick for Solo, 2 sticks for 2x Bundle, and 4 sticks for 4x Bundle
  • Complimentary tea light candle — 1 piece for each Cecilia Smudge Stick
  • 1x How-to-Smudge Guidebook
  • 1x Mini-bouquet, made of colorful misty and statice

Each bundle is packaged in a Provenciana Positivity Box. Kindly note that we only provide one (1) Provenciana Positivity box per bundle ordered. If you would like each Cecilia Smudge Stick to be packaged separately, please order the Solo Cecilia Smudge Stick for each package.

  • Our Provenciana positivity box contains natural elements such as calinaw shreds, dried herbs, and flowers which all can be added to potted plants as compost. The smudge stick is nestled on these natural fillers, among which are lemongrass and citronella reeds, laurel, tarragon, curry, thyme and kaffir lime leaves and statice and dried misty, lavender and ylang ylang flowers.