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  • Cecilia Smudge Stick - Solo - Provenciana
  • Cecilia Smudge Stick - Provenciana
  • Cecilia Smudge Stick - 2x Bundle - Provenciana
  • Cecilia Smudge Stick - 4x Bundle - Provenciana
  • Cecilia Smudge Stick - Provenciana
  • Cecilia Smudge Stick - Provenciana
  • Cecilia Smudge Stick - Provenciana
  • Cecilia Smudge Stick - Provenciana
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Cecilia Smudge Stick

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Bring positivity into your life.

Our smudge stick is composed of elements that are scientifically proven to improve health and condition. It makes you feel good, smell good and feel positive.

✔ Promotes healing and meditation

✔ Clears negative energy in your space

✔ Organic and All-Natural components

✔ Heavenly fragrance that spreads positivity and happiness

Our 4x bundle comes with a free flame-proof dish in white.

We only provide one (1) Provenciana Positivity box per bundle. For each Cecilia Smudge Stick to be packaged separately, please order the Solo Cecilia Smudge Stick for each package.

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  • The Cecilia Smudge Stick smells heavenly. It is a well-balanced combination of different elements from different cultures. 
  • Lighting the smudge stick connects you to ancient practices of healing the natural way.
  • The smoke emitted by the smudge stick clears negative energy in your home.
  • Lighting your smudge stick can be a ritual or part of your meditation routine.
  • The elements in the smudge stick like palo santo, sage and lavender are believed to help improve your mood and cognition.

Our Ingredients

Your Cecilia Smudge Stick contains the following 100% natural, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients:

  • Palo Santo from the sacred Palo Santo tree.
  • Our Organic white sage, wild lavender sage, and blue sage are grown organically and sourced ethically.
  • Our high-grade lavender flowers from France exude a relaxing and sweet scent.
  • Roses and Rose hip petals

It also uses local ingredients and resins endemic to the Philippines:

    • Turmeric which is a powerful anti-inflammatory antiseptic and disinfectant.
    • Various Philippine resins such as: Elemi (Canarium Ovatum) Resin, Elemi (Canarium Luzonicum) Resin, Elemi Ovatum Rosin, Elemi Luzonicum with Almaciga Rosin, and Almaciga Resin

    What's in the Box?

    Each bundle ordered contains:
    • Cecilia Smudge Stick — 1 stick for Solo, 2 sticks for 2x Bundle, and 4 sticks for 4x Bundle
    • Complimentary tea light candle — 1 piece for each Cecilia Smudge Stick
    • 1x How-to-Smudge Guidebook
    • 1x Mini-bouquet, made of colorful misty and statice

    Each bundle is packaged in a Provenciana Positivity Box. Kindly note that we only provide one (1) Provenciana Positivity box per bundle ordered. If you would like each Cecilia Smudge Stick to be packaged separately, please order the Solo Cecilia Smudge Stick for each package.

    • Our Provenciana positivity box contains natural elements such as calinaw shreds, dried herbs, and flowers which all can be added to potted plants as compost. The smudge stick is nestled on these natural fillers, among which are lemongrass and citronella reeds, laurel, tarragon, curry, thyme and kaffir lime leaves and statice and dried misty, lavender and ylang ylang flowers.


    All orders are processed and shipped out within 1 business day from our main office in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila. We offer same day delivery for Metro Manila orders placed before 12 noon.

    We ship nationwide! Please see below table for estimated shipping time. Please allow a few extra days allowance due to unforeseen delays.

    *Cutoff for Metro Manila same day delivery is 12 noon.
    **Pre-orders ship within 3 business days.

    How to Guide


    Step 1. Gather your tools. Prepare a flame proof or fire resistant vessel (can be a bowl or saucer) and a lighter or candle to light your smudge stick with.

    Step 2. Set your intentions for clearing. You can decide on a mantra ahead of your smudging.

    Step 3. Light your smudge stick (you can use a candle or a candle lighter). Hold it at a 45-degree angle and let it burn for 15-30 seconds, keeping your flame-proof vessel within easy reach.

    Let the flame extinguish naturally, but if the flame gets big, gently blow it out or tamp lightly on your flame-proof dish. You should be left with a continuous trail of smoke.

    Then you can begin smudging. You may reignite it as well if you feel you need more cleansing. You don’t have to burn the entire smudge stick in one go.

    Step 4. Smudge your self and your home. Once the flame is gone and the smudge stick emits “sacred smoke”, smudge the areas of your body, your house -- anything you feel needs cleansing or clearing.

    Make sure to leave a window open. Also make sure to catch the ashes and embers with your flame resistant container.

    Step 5. Close your meditation with a mantra. After smudging you can say:

    “I banish all negative influence in my space. I dismiss it all. I am now cleared. Positivity awaits me."

    Set aside your smudge stick on your flame-proof dish for your next use.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 70 reviews
    Great and quality product!!! ❤♥️❤

    Hi, apologies for the late review but I want you to know that i really love your products ❤♥️❤ will be purchasing again once it will run out. You have quality products and it is amazing!!! :) I purchased cecilia smudge stick and the smudge spray and both are awesome. As you can see in the video, my spray will run out soon. Will definitely get the bigger size next time too. Highly recommend it to people you are looking for quality products 💯👍

    Maxene M.
    Everything is so delicately beautiful 💐

    I cleanse myself and my space of all unwanted energies by smudging, meditating and praying. This is how I practice self-love and nourishment 🥰

    Megan M.

    smudge sticks with dried flowers & herbs, crystals, palo santo... I can't wait to light these later on with a cup of cacao 🤎

    Trish B.
    much need amid the chaos around us!

    thanks @provenciana.naturals for the smudge sticks!

    Erika R.

    First time sage burning thanks to Provenciana 🍃🌿